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Baikowski International Corporation

Company Name: Baikowski International Corporation
Category: Raw Material
Country: USA
Adress: 6601 NorthPark Boulevard Suite H Charlotte-NC
ZIP: 28216
Website: http://www.baikowski.com
Company Profile
As the largest manufacturer of Verneuil single crystals 100 years ago (this production was stopped in 1980) or as the world leading manufacturer of ultrapure alumina powders today, Baikowski has always gained new markets through innovations. In applications we serve, the market leaders have chosen Baikowski’s high quality standards for their production. Baikowski’s expertise covers oxide powder synthesis: calcination, deagglomeration and formulation. Today, Baikowski is a key supplier of tailor-made materials to be used in the high-tech manufacturing world. Through its worldwide presence, Baikowski serves technical markets in the field of Specialty Ceramics, Precision Polishing and Functional Additives. With the acquisition in August 2001 of Malakoff Industrie Inc. from Alcoa (now BM Inc: Baikowski Malakoff Inc.) Baikowski offers a wider choice of high purity aluminas in such applications. Baikowski is 100% owned by PSB INDUSTRIES.